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DSCN0287Dacă trebuie să selectaţi şefi pentru stat şi nu ştiţi ce calităţi ar trebui să aibă, să ne gândim la dilema lui Moise, dar nu Moise Guran, ci Moise biblicul…

Hoftede, un teoretician al managementului prezintă un caz care poate fi considerat începutul consultanței în management:

“A group of refugees, about then thousand strong, follow their charismatic leader in search for a safe haven. A powerful friend sends a consultant to help them. The consultant notices that the leader tries to handle all problems and conflicts of people himself. People queue up before his office; because he is overworked, he cannot handle all the business. So the consultant has a private talk with he leader and tells him to structure his organization by delegating authority: to nominate able men as managers of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. Candidates should be selected not only on their leadership abilities but also on their character: they should be law-abiding, truthful, not driven by material gain. The management structure should resolve all daily issues at the lowest possible level; only the big and difficult issues should be brought before the leader. He should focus on strategy – on dealing with the supreme authority, on establishing new rules and laws and teaching these to the people, on showing them the way to go and the work to be done. The case states that the leader listens to the consultant an carries out the re-organization which is a success, and the consultant returns home.

Asian readers think that this is a reference to the Long March of Chairman Mao. The refugees in this case, however were Israelites and their leader was Moses, and he led them from Egypt to Israel. The Supreme Authority was God, and the consultant Jethro, was Moses’ father-in-law a fact which definitely helped in making Moses listen to him. The case is codified in the book Exodus of the Old Testament of Bible (Exodus 18: 13-27). It is one of the oldest source books of western civilization, recognized by Judaism, Christianity and Islam alike. The migration is supposed to have taken place in the 12th century BC, over 3,000 years ago… Many problems in modern management are not so modern at all; they are basic human dilemmas, and every generation anew has had to cope with them”.

(from Hoftede, Geert, 1999, Problems Remain, But Theories Will Change: The Universal and the Specific in 21st Century Global Management, Organizational Dynamics, summer edition, 34-44, p. 34-35)
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