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Romanian foreign minister Titus Corlatean talks about the UK opening it’s border to Romania (and Bulgaria) in 2014 to anyone that wants to come to the UK.

For a while, Ukraine was US favorite in Eastern Europe in their attempt to limit the Russian sphere of influence. The Orange Revolution did not bring Ukraine in that stage so that it’s Euro—Atlantic evolution is irreversible. Moreover, the Gazprom army of Putin and Medvedev obtained, for a lower price of gas, the capitulation of Ukraine in front of Russia and the extension of the presence of the Russian fleet in Crimeea until 2042. Thus, any integration of Ukraine in NATO or EU in the next 31 years seems not reasonable. The Westernization of Ukraine remains from now on a nice, polite, diplomatic and convenient speech…

In those conditions, a smaller country, insignificant for Americans until recently, had to take the place of Ukraine in the American-Russian geo-political game: the Republic of Moldova. This reorientation of Americans coincided with the international efforts Romania did for raising the awareness about the need to bring the Republic of Moldova inside the European Union and thus, solve the Transnistrian conflict. Read the rest of this entry »

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